Lærerkurs i Salerno

The course is suitable for teachers of secondary schools and teachers of adults


At the beginning of the course, each participant receives a needs analysis questionnaire. During the course, trainers focus on participants' needs but at the same time they go on with the established programme. A final discussion, at the end of the course, will allow teachers to answer possible questions according to participants' needs.


The course aims at:
- Improving the development of teaching units;
- Learning how to choose authentic material and use it in a classroom;
- Improving the knowledge of certain aspects of the Italian culture with particular reference to some Regions;
-Using "games" to teach grammar in a classroom
- Producing teaching materials.


The 2 week course consists of 25 lessons per week( each lesson is 45 minutes) from Monday to Friday.
Participants can also use the multi-media centre of the school, including computers with the internet access.

They can also take part in extra-activities organized by the school. The course also includes a teaching training in the classrooms in order to practice what they have learned. This step aims to improve participants' linguistic competences and to stress the importance of communicative approach in teaching a foreign language.


At the end of the course, participants are asked to evaluate the course they have attended. In the final meeting they also have the possibility of asking questions in order to clear up their doubts. They will also get a bibliography. Furthermore, trainers are also available to answer by email participants possible questions about teaching or about the Italian language.



1° day:
- Introduction to the most important morfo-syntactic structures;
- Textual analysis: Skimming and scanning reading;
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

2° day:
- How to choose and evaluate teaching materials;
- How to create a teaching unit by using authentic material;
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

3° day:
- How to choose authentic material that can be used in the Italian culture workshops; - How to create a teaching unit by using the material collected;
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

4° day:
-Didactic Techniques use to correct mistakes in a classroom;
- How to use "game" to correct mistakes;
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

5° day:
- How to use literature to teach Italian as L2/FL
- Linguistic analysis of a literary text and creation of a teaching unit;
- Teaching training (1 lesson)


1° day:
- Glottodidactic approaches
- The use of the subjunctive tense in the spoken language
- How to create exercises
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

2° day:
- Testing and Evaluation
- how to evaluate and create assessment materials;
- The Neapolitan Song/ teaching unit
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

3 day:
The Common European Framework
- Analysis of didactic materials to assess student’s level according to the CEFR - Italian Gestures
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

4° day:
- How to be always updated about teaching Italian as L2/FL (1 lesson)
- Creation of didactic units to use online
- Practicing
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

5° day:
- Student’s role /teacher’s role
- The official certifications for the Italian language for students and for teachers - Project Work
- Teaching training (1 lesson)

Dates 2016: 11 January, 7 March, 13 June, 11 July, 8 August, 24 October