Lærerkurs i Cádiz

60 lessons and 10 lessons taught by you

This course is especially designed for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language or those interested in starting their career in this prosperous sector.

K2 INTERNACIONAL offers you a complete course consisting of 30 lessons per week and practical teaching experience with students from around the world. This course provides you with the didactic material and everything you need to competently manage your future Spanish classes.

The course is divided into two main parts:

In the morning: Programme and evaluation, study of skills, means and strategies covering all levels, carrying out didactic units supervised by a teacher as well as case studies.

In the afternoon: Twice a week you get the opportunity to help teach a Spanish class. Your teacher will continually assess your teaching skills, applying techniques such as videotaping the classes further analysis and the practical implementation of different aspects such as cultural diversity, the dynamics of the group, success in the pre-established objectives, etc.

Datoer for 2016: Legges ut så snart de er klare